Unsold Studio



After grad school, we had to part ways. That didn't last long. While studio mates at Cranbrook Academy of Art, we realized we played to each other's strengths both personally and professionally. We knew we had something unique, and that we had to share our relationship with the working world. Unsold Studio came to fruition as the diamond in the rough, launched with an empty website, but lots of heart.

Four years later, Unsold Studio has helped launch a food truck business, handled butter-smooth leather goods, designed books, worked with art museums, and acquired four of the world's best studio dogs. Both of us continue teaching graphic design at area universities, keeping our minds and practice fresh. Our close working dynamic, our mutual love for all things lifestyle, our ability to educate, and our instinct to laugh it off, allows us to bring our clients into our circle, and to create something we are proud of.




Hometown Team: Patriots

Dogs' Names: Auggie and Chico, @chicoandauggie

Favorite Beer: Served as a Michelada

Can catch doing on the weekends: Riding a motorcycle, working on her early-Modernist home, or convincing you to join her book club

Workplace Quirk: Prefers felt-tip pens


Hometown Team: Blue Jays

Dogs' Names: Oak and Rye, @oakberner

Favorite Beer: Sours

Can catch doing on the weekends: Road-tripping with the dogs

Workplace Quirk: The glass is always half full with coffee



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