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Brand Wellness Sessions


Brand Wellness Session with Unsold Studio

$1000 / session


Is something feeling off about your business?

Common symptoms include:

  • lack of confidence

  • missed business opportunities

  • miscommunication with clients, colleagues, or potential partners

  • missing your target audience

  • feeling old and out of date

  • ready for growth, but unsure how your brand can adapt

  • recent changes in business (goals, vision, staffing, services, products, etc…), and disconnected messaging

If so, we’re here to provide design-related remedies sure to get your business back on its feet in no time! 

Our Brand Wellness Session functions like your business’ annual physical when it comes to all things brand design-related. During the session, we give your business a head-to-toe check up, analyzing things like logo design, messaging, promotional materials, package design and other brand assets. We compare our findings against your competitors, as well as your future business goals to build a personalized brand strategy. Similar to how a doctor would recommend quitting a pack-a-day cigarette habit if you wanted to run a marathon, Unsold Studio will find the areas in your existing brand design that are in need of change in order to reach your most ambitious goals. You’ll leave the session with expert opinions and an actionable list of recommendations to get your brand strong, and fit enough to tackle any future challenges. 


  • Pre-meeting homework assigned to your business representatives with a 30 minute prep call with Unsold Studio

  • 90-minute intensive brand wellness session in-person with Unsold Studio partners and lead designers, Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum. Through a personalized visual presentation and discussion, the session will include an audit of your current brand, analysis of competitor brands, and actionable recommendations for your brand moving forward.

  • Follow-up summary report

Your business functions like a living, breathing organism, and requires attention to keep it healthy for its team, clients, and partners. If something isn’t feeling right, remember that preventative care is more effective than reactive care, and peace of mind is priceless. Don’t put off making an appointment today! Use our easy online scheduler to get started.