Unsold Studio

Will Leather Goods Detroit

In 2015, Will Adler wanted to open a store in Detroit, MI where he was born-and-raised as a tribute to his family. Despite growing up in Michigan, Adler spent most of his adult life on the west coast and was unfamiliar with the present city. He hired Unsold Studio to help shape the Will Leather Goods brand for a Detroit audience. Working directly with their in-house team, Unsold Studio consulted and designed for the brand for the months before and directly after the store opening. 

Some of the work Unsold Studio produced for the client included:

-the concept, brand identity, packaging and exterior signage for the in-store coffee shop COFFEE STATION

-rewriting and redefining core brand value language

-the design of new products such as two Detroit-themed totes

-in-store signage 

-in-store print materials

-marketing concepts such as the infamous plastic logo cow that sits in a turquoise vintage Ford pick-up and drives around giving away coffee (because, why not?)

-social media concepts and imagery